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Decorating with Artificials: Why No Interior Is Complete Without!

Decorating with Artificials: Why No Interior Is Complete Without!
Have you ever wondered why being around flowers, plants or trees makes you feel alive? That's because not only do they emit the life force that we need to keep breathing, but they stand for the natural beauty and simplicity that is Mother Nature.  

So what’s the next best thing to being outside all the time? Bringing life inside by decorating with plants, flowers and trees! Homeowners and interior decorators alike affirm that plants add to any interior space, whether it be pops of color, diversity of dimension or just the touch of life a room might need.

We completely agree, but sometimes maintaining an indoor garden paradise can be tricky, time consuming and expensive. Here are a few reasons we think choosing Bloomr artificial plants, faux florals, and artificial trees can accomplish all your space-energizing, mother nature decor dreams.

  1. Bloomr artificial plants, faux florals, and artificial trees look just as real as the natural ones. Founded by a Florist with over 15 years of industry experience, maintaining the natural beauty is essential to his vision for the company. The idea behind Bloomr artificial florals is not to be a cheaper alternative, but to be a no maintenance alternative. Can you tell the difference? 

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2. No maintenance required. Well a little dusting here and there, but really, no maintenance is required for Bloomr faux florals. Take that vacation or invite that house guest without having to worry about the life in the room literally dying. Your artificial tree will stand tall on its own!

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3. Save money. To get the best of your faux arrangements, you may need to spend a bit more upfront, but we do our best to keep our pricing competitive with the real versions. In fact, many of our arrangements are actually pricier in a flower shop! So you can forget frequenting the farmer’s market or the flower shop to replace your favorite flowers. Your fake flowers will last!

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4. Get creative, easily. Looking for a small succulent or pretty little arrangement for a side table or nightstand? Save the real deal for outdoors and decorate indoors with top quality fake flowers like these Artificial Succulents or Silk Orchids. 

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5. Add color, not odor. Top quality artificial flowers and plants will make your space pop and never run the risk of assaulting your other senses. As soon as a plant or flower is cut from the earth it begins to die. Unfortunately, the beautiful aroma of a rose is not so beautiful dead.

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Our hope is to help bring life to interior spaces, without all the hassle. Take if from a trained florist, keeping flowers, plants and trees alive is definitely an art form and takes constant care and attention. Check our Florist's Favorite here

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