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التوصيل مجانا علي جميع الطلبات

How to Create a Luxury Faux Plant Jungle in Your Home


You don’t need to worry about tending to a lush garden in your backyard, instead bring the look into your home with a variety of luxury faux plants. With an indoor faux plant jungle, you don’t have to stress over forgetting to water your plants or the amount of sunlight your home gets for your plants to thrive.

More and more people are filling their homes with houseplants and florals to bring them joy this year. 

You can also follow this trend (even without a green thumb). Transform your space into a rejuvenating and lush jungle by following our tips for creating a faux plant jungle in your home.

How to Create a Faux Plant Jungle in Your Home

Here are a few ways to accomplish the jungle-like interior plant design decor in your home.

1. Group Plants Together

Grab a few plants of varying sizes and place them next to each other. You can group them together on a window sill, a table, or in a corner of your home near a window. This helps create the illusion that you have more plants than you actually do, and the results are a lush jungle-like home with a variety of plant textures, sizes, and colors.

Some great plant combinations we recommend include: Sansevieria + Kentia Palm + Monstera + Calathea

2. Buy Plant Shelves


Plant shelves are great for small homes or apartments and they allow you to get creative when you arrange your faux plants. Try a combination of floating and standing shelves to truly make your living spaces feel like a jungle oasis.

Vining house plants and small upright plants are best for shelves, so you have enough room for your other items.

Try purchasing a small fern or potted agave

3. Make Use of Large Statement Plants 


Statement plants are a must for an indoor urban jungle. They tie in all the small and medium sized plants to make your faux plants look cohesive and beautiful. If you have a small apartment, try adding some large plants behind your couch to redefine your seating area and make a bold statement.

We recommend a fiddle leaf fig or a monstera plant.

4. Incorporate Different Pot Sizes and Plant Stands


A variety of pot sizes and colors can give your home a cool and funky jungle vibe that all of your visitors will be impressed with. Stagger your plants by purchasing some plant stands to give your plant corner more intricate dimension. 

We recommend our bamboo pot for a cute bohemian look. You may also try the large gold cement pot for a more classic and regal look.

5. Add in Some Florals


A jungle would be nothing without some bright blooming florals to tie all of your plants in. They help to add in some additional color and texture to your home. Be careful selecting faux florals for your indoor jungle by making sure you use the best silk florals available.

We recommend chic peonies to provide a frilly burst of color and texture from Bloomr

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