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5 Awesome Home Decor Trends For Summer 2021

summer home

Summertime is the perfect time to re-decorate your home. Why not try some of the hottest trends this season? With the warm weather, think about creating a cool and breezy living space that’ll make you breathe a sigh of relief when you walk in from outside. You’ll want to spend all of your time inside when you apply some of this summer’s most sought after interior design trends.

What Is a Home Decor Trend?

A trend in interior design refers to the patterns, colors, styles, shapes, and materials of a particular season. Interior design trends are developed based on the attitudes, spending patterns, wants, lifestyles, and needs of consumers. 

Home decor trends often require forecasting and detailed observations and research inspired by current events and culture.

5 Home Decor Trends to Try This Summer

Summer decor is fresh and breezy. Make your home feel more like a cool oasis this summer with these decor trends for 2021:

1. Statement Colors

This trend has made a huge comeback in recent years. Many people choose a minimal design for their living spaces, including muted furniture colors and an open spaced layout. Statement colors add some spice to this design by becoming the focal point in the room. 

Your guests are sure to notice your stand-out pieces and they’ll likely make a great conversation starter. 

2. Plant Elements

banana leaf tree

This year, people have been obsessed with becoming plant parents and we love this idea. Plants add the perfect natural elements to any trendy home decor. Incorporating plants and succulents into your home decor can be life changing.

The green hues and textures that plants provide make your home more enriching and homey. We recommend luxury faux plants from Bloomr. Try a faux banana tree or a snake plant this season. 

3. Rattan, Wicker, and Wood


Natural woods can make your home feel like bohemian summer paradise. Although bohemian decor is associated with summertime, it works all year round. 

The natural wood elements will bring light hues into your living space while keeping your home airy and spacious. Consider using wicker pots for a simple touch to your natural faux plant elements.

4. Blues as an Accent


Blues are the colors of bright and sandy beaches and summer skies. They are perfect for adding a splash of color to any room. 

Try adding beautiful blue hues to your living room by painting an accent wall or using lighter blue linens to adorn your couch. 

For a more minimalist look, add pops of cobalt blue to white backdrops for a classic Grecian look that’ll remind you of clear skies.

5. Neutral Colors

Ivory, white, pale gray, and beige are colors that most beach homes display. They make a great palette backdrop for any color you’d like to switch over to as the summer comes to an end. White couches and taupe curtains never go out of style. For the summer, add in some blue throw pillows and other nautical themes, then switch them out once you’re ready for something different.

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