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Oasis Cymbidium Arrangement

SKU: 2348-95-1
Small Medium Large Extra-Large
Product Description
This faux orchid arrangement is crafted from the cymbidium orchid, a unique flowering plant.  The Bloomr Oasis Cymbidium Arrangement is planted in our gray, sandstone pot.  Just as an oasis does for travelers in a desert, this silk flower centerpiece will brighten your room and fill it with hope and joy.
Arrangement Vase size Size Height Height Dia Small 30.5"/77cm 7.87"/20cm 8.5"/22cm Medium 40"/85cm 9.5"/24cm 10.5"/26cm Large 35.5"/90cm 10.63"/27cm 11.5"/29cm Extra-Large 38"/97cm 12"/31cm 13"/33cm