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How to Spruce Up Your Landscaping by Using Artificial Plants | Bloomr

Shop for this premium potted fern.  | Bloomr

Having beautifully arranged plants dot your yard, some nicely trimmed hedges, and colorful flowers blooming across your landscape have a way of establishing a relaxing, if not a somewhat idyllic aura about your home. However, a lot of work does go into that relaxing, idyllic look. Not to mention a whole lot of money! If you want to achieve that beautiful, lush, green landscape look for less, and with less maintenance to boot, why not try using artificial plants? Artificial plants have come a long way from undeniably looking very plastic, to looking very lifelike! Contemporary artificial flowers are sturdy enough to withstand most weather conditions and look real enough to pass for live plants. So how does one go about using artificial plants to spruce your home landscaping?

An important thing to consider is the layout of your landscape. Also, take into account the size of your yard. Plan it out like you would if you were using real plants. If you already have real plants, take advantage of them, and use your artificial plants to supplement the space.

Instead of grass, you can use artificial grass. This will remain green throughout the year. And you won't need to mow your lawn. This grass will stay the optimal height year-round. You install it, and then you forget about it!

Shop for this premium potted Maranta plant.  | Bloomr

You can use realistic looking potted trees on either side of your main entrance. This will enhance your doorway, giving it a more lively look. And, these trees could also give you a clever hiding spot for your spare keys. This potted Maranta plant from Bloomr would be perfect for that.

Speaking of doorways, purchase a few seasonal faux wreaths for your front door. This way, you will have a welcoming doorway that fits every season.

Shop for this premium Seaside Succulent Arrangement.  | Bloomr

Use artificial succulents to help shape your yard. Choose a great planter and pot the artificial succulents in real soil to give them an even more realistic look.. Or, if you want a lawn that will appear realistic even in winter, you can use evergreens instead. Use tall artificial trees to delineate certain areas of your yard, or as focal points.

You can also use fake palm or banana trees to lend a more tropical feel around your pool area. This way, you have plants whose leaves won't fall into the water and necessitate a more frequent pool clean up.

Mix live foliage with colorful silk flowers to break the monotony of green and add a splash of brightness. Artificial shrubbery can be used to circle the base of trees to add a bit more pizazz.

Bloomr Luxury Faux Orchid Stem

Add a trellis with artificial ivy and flowers to enhance the look of your garden. You can even hang artificial orchids from your trellis for a dash of more color.

Shop for this premium artificial fern.| Bloomr

Hang artificial ferns in your patio to make it homier. Throw in a rocker, a long couch, and a table and you have an outdoor space where you can eat or hang with your family and friends.

If you have a balcony, you can decorate it with artificial ficus plants, or even artificial palm trees. If the balcony faces the yard, make sure to use plants that match your yard's landscape design.

Shop for this premium potted faux columnar cactus  | Bloomr

You can dedicate a corner of your yard to succulents. Mix both real and artificial succulents for your succulent garden. The beauty about artificial succulents is that it is very hard to tell a realistic looking artificial succulent from an actual live one. Check out this potted faux columnar cactus from Bloomr.

In order for your artificial plants to look inconspicuous among the live ones, make sure that you clean them. Spray water on them and wipe the leaves down. Check on them every once in a while to make sure that they have not been blown away by the wind. A good trick to making sure your artificial potted flowers stay put is to place a few heavy rocks at the bottom of the pot before putting in the soil.

There really is nothing wrong with incorporating artificial plants in your landscaping. It is a cheap way of beautifying your yard, or enhancing what is already there!

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